Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Bay Area Now 2

Co-created a large, interactive installation which consisted of a product showroom “,” by artist Neil Grimmer. Concept development through installation consisted of a kiosk-to-modified pager system, with accompanying interactives, wall art, website, and visual system.

“In the galleries, many of the artists play with other Bay Area archetypes such as new-age movements, Silicon Valley commercialization and outrageous real estate prices. “Metatherapy” (1999) by Neil Grimmer (with Maria Mortati) combines a few of these issues into one. He creates a business,, which offers New Age personal therapy over the Internet. If you register, every hour you will receive a mantra in a vibrating page. Using pagers, computers, glass and steel to produce little codes for life at the touch of a button, Grimmer combines body and machine, incorporating the high tech and the spiritual with art and commerce.” – – excerpt from Amy Berk, Forever on the Move, San Francisco Bay Area Overview


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September 1, 1999