San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living, Memory Care Experience Station

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I’ve spent the past 2 years focused on creating multi-sensory interactives beyond VR to bring delight to people living with mid to late-stage Alzheimer’s at the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living. It’s our belief that by providing this delight we will decrease the frequency of crises of negative behavior such as anxiety, wandering, and depression and help them achieve their Best Ability to Function.

Our enrichment interactive project is a large, mobile, immersive, and interactive “Experience Station” that engages residents with sight, sound, rumble, airflow, scent, and taste as they interact with a variety of themes. This is done through custom software that orchestrates the effects and hand-held props that Life Enrichment staff interact with. We have built two full-scale iterations of the unit to date, and our work continues.

Experience Station image


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January 6, 2022