In this residency, I explored new approaches for interpretation and interaction with the international art movement Fluxus. Fluxus put process over the finished product, so it meant I could explore things other than labels and casework. The residency manifested in an interpretive trail across the grounds for a day that played out notions of Fluxus in score form. Accompanying was an event called “Fluxus Drawing Club,” where visitors were given Flux Kits akin to the historic forms and drew listening to a family reading of A Child’s History of Fluxus, by Dick Higgins, the founding artist. Visitors walked the trail, drew scores, and shared them on a custom-built mobile display unit I designed.

Article on the Walker blog:  A FluxField Research Residency

Project credits:
Fluxus Drawing Club was a collaboration with local artist Margaret Pezzella
Letterpress by Jenni Undis of Lunalux Letterpress
Penny Event by Mayor Mike Haeg
Audio recording Dick Higgins Child’s History of Fluxus performed by the Pezalla-Grandlund family