The ternary calculating machine of Thomas Fowler
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Thomas Fowler

Balanced ternary arithmetic

Fowler's binary and ternary tables

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We are seeking any additional information or artifacts relevant to Thomas Fowler’s life and work, especially any references to his calculating machine. Please contact Mark Glusker if you can help.

We are also looking for a museum or other institution interested in funding further research into Thomas Fowler and his calculating machine. We hope to uncover additional evidence of how the machine looked and worked, and then employ techniques and materials more appropriate to the 19th century to build the entire 55-digit machine that Fowler envisioned. Please contact Mark Glusker for further information.

Please note: relevant portions of e-mails about the Thomas Fowler project may be shared with the other members of the project team (Pamela Vass and David Hogan) unless specifically requested otherwise in the text of the e-mail.