Tell Me Where The Mirrors Go, Oakland Museum

Through the Irvine Foundation’s New California Arts Fund grant, I was invited to do a project of my own choosing at the Oakland Museum of California. The grant focused on their local, non-visiting community. I chose to work with a single family (vs. a community group) in order to create an intimate project that would illicit specific ideas from the family for the museum.

During a series of meetings and visits (onsite and off) the family shared their perspectives about the museum experience. Through them, and through the act of doing the project, lessons were learned in terms of how to not only reach but engage in meaningful ways: from the obvious (how can you be free when they are free? what does relevance look like?) to the foundational (who are you responsible to?).

The project resulted in an in-gallery installation where their insights or impressions were installed adjacent to works of art (in Spanish first), tours led by the family, public events put on by the museum, and a project documentary at the start of the gallery.